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Stront MX

Zzeneg shared the MX version of his classy split Stront, with a modular case supporting various displays and pointing devices.
Published July 28, 2023
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The originally low-pro Stront by Evgenii Vilkov aka zzeneg (featured earlier this year) has an improved MX variant now.

Dutch readers are still amused by this name choice, but as already told, it is derived from strontium in Polish.

Hey, I finished an MX version of my Stront. It supports both MX and KS-27/KS-33 switches (with different plates) – zzeneg.

Because of different spacings (MX vs Choc) the PCB and case have been recreated from scratch, and there are also some important changes.


  • Modular case with swappable covers which support different devices out of the box – rectangular 1.69" or round 1.28" displays and 40mm flat or curved Cirque trackpads.


  • VIK-compatibility: the PCB is now compatible with Sadek Baroudi's VIK data interface standard, so you can connect any other VIK-compatible peripheral device like a trackball, bigger trackpad, display or anything else. "It's not fully up to standard as I combine I2C and SPI pins, but it should be enough for most needs."


Round display support is in progress right now, but should be released soon.

As for the top photo, these are MX and KS-33 (Nuphy Wisteria) boards with XVX keycaps. Case is translucent resin from JLCPCB ("with a lot of sanding").


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Published on Fri 28th Jul 2023. Featured in KBD #129 (source).



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