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Evgenii Vilkov shared a new 40-key variant of his Stront: Stront40 with more keys and more modules.
Published May 10, 2024
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Evgenii Vilkov (aka zzeneg), after just releasing his Trio, shared a new 40-key variant of the Stront lineage too: more keys, more modules.

Initially I designed it for my friend who really wanted to have a more standard layout with 3 keys in the pinky column. I also took it as an opportunity to make some internal updates – zzeneg.


  • LEDs are powered by 5V, as 3.3V is out of spec. For proper data line voltage the author used this hack
  • as 5V has to be passed in the interconnect, TRRS has been removed completely. "First of all, I hate it, secondly, 5V will kill other pins for surezzeneg.
  • increased compatibility with VIK – 5V on the second side, free GPIOs now use analog pins, built-in display pinout fully matches VIK (for example these adapters)
  • added covers for 2" display and Azoteq touchpads, so now you can choose between Azoteq or Cirque


  • 40 keys
  • MX/KS switches, hotswap
  • LCD display
  • Cirque or Azoteq trackpad (via VIK)
  • roller/rotary encoders
  • 3D printed cases
  • exposed SPI/I2C contacts, so any other device can be used

Pic: Stront MX-40 vs MX-38

Stront MX-40 vs MX-38


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Published on Fri 10th May 2024. Featured in KBD #165 (source).


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