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Sunflower macropad

Hide-key's another macropad design: Sunflower #001.
Published December 27, 2022
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Looking for the files of Hide-key's Christmas ornament macropad, I saw two other projects in his Github repo: one of them being the Sunflower macropad published last month.

It's a seven key macropad inspired by the Banana (normal & split) and Corn keyboards, featuring a XIAO RP2040 controller. This time the switches are vanilla Kailh Chocs. The middle part conceals a low-profile EC12E2440301 rotary encoder.



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Published on Tue 27th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #109.


KMO - an input pass-through and macropad

Meet KMO by sango_gg, a companion for your keyboard that acts as an input pass-through and macropad.


Seili- built a Disorder30, mkylama's macropad design mimicking the 75% look.

Inkkeys: an e-ink macropad

The inkkeys is a dynamically assignable macropad project with e-ink screen by DiConX (video, docs, git).


A tiny Choc-spaced macropad with encoder – Narfpad by ADreamOfStorms.

Badger 2040 keypad

Andreas Känner took Pimoroni's RP2040-powered e-ink display and put it on a macropad.

The cat project

The cat is a gamepad or a shortcut-tool by Ape_Devil – with STLs and building documentation.