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Super slim, handwired, wireless

Super slim, handwired, wireless by Alescito.

Published on Sun 21st Mar 2021. Featured in KBD #18 (source).


36-key Low-Profile Split

This 36-key sub-100x100mm low profile split by richardgoulter features switches soldered directly to pins, without a matrix.

Hexagonal split ergo keyboard

This hexagonal split ergo by HellIsBurnin comes with in-depth documentation and a teaser.

The Uni - an ortho steno board

The Uni by petercpork is a sleek, unibody split ortholinear for stenography.

The naked split strikes back

The naked split ortho 40% by onebigdoor is back with fully addressable rgb backlighting (gallery). Still without plate, case and PCB.


Foam and plate files for Foostan's unibody Cornelius released.