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The Sweeeeep is Sadek Baroudi's take on the Sweep – with per-key LEDs, OLED and Elite-C as controller.
Published April 6, 2022

Teased by elisiano as "Sweep36" a few days ago, sadekbaroudi announced the Sweeeeep and published the files for the PCB.

This is a reversible Sweep PCB with support for 36 keys, per key LEDs, OLED, and Choc switches. No-diode but not hotswap.

It's getting hard to list all the similar designs. To quickly recap, it all started with Pierre Chevalier's Ferris (34 keys with on-board controller) inspiring an avalanche of derivatives: David Philip Barr's Sweep uses daughterboards, the wireless Roost features three thumb keys already, and there's also the lobster-themed Swoop with encoders and the Unibodysweep – a monoblock/unsplit/pseudosplit version.

In order to continue to support a no-diode setup, two Elite-Cs are required to build the Sweeeeep, which explains whence this appellation was derived:

Why the name Sweeeeep? Because an Elite-C is required to support the extra features, and an Elite-C has 5 additional pins... so 5 Es for the 5 extra pins. Yes, it's dumb, I know – Sadek Baroudi.

Now you know it's not Sweeeep nor Sweeeeeep but Sweeeeep. One of the few keyboards where I have to stay focused (and probably the first one when I meticulously count letters) while typing out the name. An unexpected runner-up to tapioki's Architeuthis dux... :D

For the sake of history, the idea of the Sweeeeep was born while elisiano was talking to Sadek:

"Man the Ferris is awesome, I love the vertical stagger but sometimes I wish it had 3 thumbs per half".

The first revision was ready the same day, and now you can find the KiCAD and Gerber files in this Github repo:

And also check out Sadek's shop with more keyboard models at:

Published on Wed 6th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73 (source).

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