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Sebastian Stumpf's Swepp is a splayed Sweep, a split keyboard with 34 keys.
Published November 15, 2023
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Sebastian Stumpf aka ADreamOfStorms shared Swepp, a 34-key split keyboard, Sweep derivative, with some splay.

So recently I got my hands on a Sweep MX and managed to cram my keymap into it and I really loved the minimal style. The only thing that I still really needed from this keyboard was splay – Sebastian.


  • 34 keys (5x3+2), splayed
  • hotswap
  • diodeless
  • USART Full-duplex for serial communication
  • Three different case options

The swepp name comes from Sweep + the author's nickname Sepp.


There are three case options available: A simple FR4 stack, a simple tray case, and the final one is a massive gasket mounted case that hides the switches:


I've tried them all and while I really liked the feel of the gasket mount case it was a bit too chunky. So in the end I stuck with the FR4 stack which feels really crisp and doesn't take up much space – Sepp.


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Published on Wed 15th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #144 (source).


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