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Swept Corne

A wireless-only cross between the Sweep and the Corne: Swept Corne by u/Additional-Stock3711.
Published June 12, 2022

Mariano Uvalle aka AYM1607 published his Swept Corne, a mix between the Sweep (which is itself a version of the Ferris) and the Corne: Choc spacing, wireless-only with power switch, more aggressive staggering.

I made the jump from a 60% qwerty keyboard to colemak mod-dh on a sweep. After getting up to speed both with the new layout and form factor I realized that to reach peak productivity I'd need a few more keys and the corne was the obvious choice but the non-choc spacing, lack support for a power switch and the less aggressive staggering made me miss the sweep.

(Mariano is aware that the Corne-ish Zen has similar goals but up to this point it has only been available through group buys and is closed source.)


  • Choc spacing like the Sweep.
  • Hotswap support with Mill-Max sockets.
  • Wireless only (no TRRS connector).
  • Compatibility with the splitkb tenting puck.


GitHub repo:

Published on Sun 12th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #82 (source).

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