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Switch details you may not know

ThereminGoat presents 25 switch details you may not know.
Published May 16, 2021
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From the article here you can learn that:

  • Matias Orange switches almost happened.
  • Cherry has ‘Cherry Red’ colored prototypes.
  • PME and JX are not new plastics.
  • Gazzew’s ‘Black Ice’ Switches were a thing.
  • Mech27 bathed in Invyr Pandas.
  • Gateron employees hand inspect switches.
  • Prototype switches are sometimes incomplete.
  • There’s a 4th Novelkeys (green) Big Switch.
  • Red and Black Zealios switches existed.
  • ‘Dummy Stabilizer’ switches exist in vintage boards.
  • Vintage Blacks have more than one spring type.
  • Some prototype switches differ wildly from final results.
  • There are more than just two versions of Zeal switches.
  • KTT’s switch nameplate logo is not a mountain.
  • There were alternate Novelkeys ‘Blueberry’-like switches.
  • Vintage keyboards often had different spacebar switches.
  • Aliaz and Arctos switches were supposed to be ‘Zeal killers’.
  • Overt factory errors in switches do happen.
  • JWK switches were available 6 months before the Stealios Controversy.
  • Switch Stickers existed long before Switch Films.
  • Some Blue switches have ‘Snap Spring’ mechanisms.
  • Blue, Clicky switches are the most cloned type of MX switches.
  • There are other Hirose colors than Orange and Clear.
  • Super and Mega Cherry MX Blacks exist.
  • Three different variants of Cherry MX Locks exist.

Read it now:

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Published on Sun 16th May 2021. Featured in KBD #26 (source).

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