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A lobster-themed open-source Sweep/Ferris derivative by Jim Merricks White.
Published January 14, 2022

I made this keyboard for my brother who likes lobsters – jamesmnw.

Altough there is a Choc version in the repo, as of writing this only the MX version (dubbed Swoop Tall) is tried and tested.

GitHub repo:

Inspired by the Ferris and the Sweep, the Swoop Tall is a split ergonomic keyboard with 18 keys per half (one of which can be an EC11 rotary encoder).

The Swoop Tall uses MX switches and has Kailh hotswap sockets. It supports OLEDs, per key LEDs and an LED strip, and "has rudimentary support for Bluetooth".

The cover hides the Pro Micro, reset switch and TRRS jack.

The case is an FR4 sandwich. On the switch plate I added a copper mesh fill. The lobsters on the cover and base plate were made using only the copper and silkscreen layers – jamesmnw.

More photos in the original post.

Published on Fri 14th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #61 (source).

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