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The swweeep is an open source, wireless only split keyboard with nice!view support. Committed by u/sadekbaroudi.
Published December 1, 2022
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The swweeep was created after the sweeeeep as a wireless alternative. Given the nice!nano has two less GPIO pins than the Elite-C, Sadek had to remove the data pin (and therefore TRRS). So this is wireless only.

So, to keep the silliness going, this has an extra W for the wireless only, and 3 Es for the 3 extra required pins on the nice!nano – Sadek Baroudi.

Given it's a wireless only build, it made sense to add nice!view support, since it consumes much less power than the typical OLED. That meant that it would consume one too many GPIO pins. In the spirit of low power consumption, removing per key RGB was a natural decision, leaving it with just enough GPIOs for this board.


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Published on Thu 1st Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #105 (source).



Shared by Jurica Bacurin, the juriform36 is a 36-key wireless split keyboard with keywell.

Lolcatz's Blank Slate

u/Lolcatz52 designed and printed an ergo split to fit his own fingers.


Pi5 is a monoblock angled ortho keyboard open sourced by ihihbs.

Stront MX

Zzeneg shared the MX version of his classy split Stront, with a modular case supporting various displays and pointing devices.

YA36 - with angled columns

The YA36 by se_le_x is a 36-key split keyboard with tight key spacing and angled columns (repo).

Lotus58 - a Lily58 derivative

The Lotus58 is an open source Lily58 derivative with hotswap and encoder by Tweetydabirdie.