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THEBRICK is a cyberdeck with Raspberry Pi 4, a 7.9" wide screen and a Planck.
Published January 7, 2022

While the project page states this is work in progress stuff, the photos showed a working prototype so I reached out to SNC from to ask some questions.

The name is quite apt, because THEBRICK, this Raspberry Pi 4 based cyberdeck with an impressive 7.9" wide screen and an integrated mechanical keyboard, folds up into a... well.. brick.

Some more pictures here:

Other projects on, which btw stands for [Y]et [A]nother [R]aspberry [H]andheld, come with source files so STLs for THEBRICK will be released too once project development is finished.

The keyboard part of THEBRICK is a "Plastic Preonic", another project available on the site, which is a 3D-printable version of Jack Humbert's well-known design – with open-source case/plate files.

Published on Fri 7th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #60 (source).

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