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THT: Tai-Hao low-profile keycaps

Taiwanese keycap manufacturer Tai-Hao is about to roll out a new family of low-pro caps – for both Choc and MX switches.
Published February 2, 2024
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As already mentioned last week, Tai-Hao is cooking up some new products: their first low-profile keycaps, THT – and they were kind enough to get back to me with some details.

I'm thrilled to share a sneak peek into our upcoming keycap collection. Here's a quick rundown – K.C.

THT stands for "Tai-Hao Thins", and as you can see in the photos, these are uniform, cylindrical caps, similar to MoErgo's MCC profile. The dimensions are different though, 18.1x18.1 mm is the result of in-house design and thorough testing – which means this is for standard spacing, no Choc or CFX spacing.


Although these are low-pro keycaps, they come with both Choc and MX stems! In addition, you will be able to choose from two materials: ABS and PBT.


According to the company's roadmap, new keycaps will be rolled out in four phases, starting this month:

  • Phase 1: Blank low-profile keycaps
  • Phase 2: Translucent keycaps with legends
  • Phase 3: Ortholinear keycap layout
  • Phase 4: Full-size compatibility

This basically means that new sizes will be added gradually, starting with blank 1U caps, then double-shot 1Us, followed by larger caps for common ortho compatibility, finally reaching full-size keyboard support.

Phase 1: Blank low-profile keycaps

This is the company's first low-profile product.

Kicking things off with sleek vibes! Picture keycaps that scream modern and minimalistic. Our blank low-profile keycaps? They're the secret sauce for a seriously stylish setup.


Phase 2: Innovative vibes - Translucent keycaps with legends

Phase two is where the excitement escalates! Translucent keycaps featuring integrated legends, all secured with a U.S. patent. It's not just about keycaps; it's a demonstration of innovation.

This double-shot method was used for the ZSA Voyager caps. With Voyagers having been on the market for three months, some of you may have first-hand experience of what's coming for a wider audience now.


Low-profile Choc keycaps were a new challenge for Tai-Hao, and as we dove into the project, we knew we made the right choice. Not only does Tai-Hao possess a deep well of knowledge about keycap manufacturing, they also "get" ZSA and were incredibly patient with our obsessive attention to detail as we iterated over multiple keycap profiles and set designs – ZSA.


The Tai-Hao team has officially obtained the USPTO Invention Patent for this specific manufacturing method.

Phase 3: Elevating comfort with ortholinear keycap layout

This next stage is about adding (at least) two new keycap sizes: 1.5 and 2u caps to cover popular ortho layouts.

Next up, we're putting your comfort first. Phase three introduces the ortholinear keycap layout, enhancing not just efficiency but also ergonomic comfort during typing. Like 1.5u keycap and 2u keycap.

Phase 4: Full-size delight – Translucent keycaps for every key

To complete this keycap family, in phase four Tai-Hao is going to present a range of additional keycaps for full-size keyboard compatibility.



No product page yet, but international distributors will soon introduce the first blank caps, starting later this month.

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Published on Fri 2nd Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #153.


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