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TKC Blackberry review

TKC Blackberry switches reviewed by u/ThereminGoat.
Published September 8, 2022

ThereminGoat reviews the newest clicky switch inspired by the classic Aristotle Whites: TKC Blackberries.

I hope this midweek review helps break up the monotony of your work week just a bit. (Trust me, it's definitely worth reading at your desk instead of doing any "actual work.") – ThereminGoat.

As usual, the author "shortly" covers the history, introducing other members of TKC's fruit family, then carefully investigates the performance of the TKC Blackberries from their appearance, structure, stem shape, etc. to their force curve, sound, wobble.

Full article:

Published on Thu 8th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #94 (source).

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