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Christoph Rehmann's TPS42 is an open-source 36-42 keys split keyboard with trackpoint and memory LCD support.
Published November 2, 2022

Christoph Rehmann aka cre2016 shared his TPS42 keyboard, which is an open-source 36-42 keys split with trackpoint and memory LCD support. Choc-spaced, and mostly hot swappable.

My main goal was to accommodate a trackpoint at a convenient position while maintaining a more or less low profile (from desk to top of the keys ~18mm) – Christoph.

The trackpoint is mounted from the bottom to the PCB. The switches can be either soldered to the PCB or hot swap sockets can be used (except for two switches around the trackpoint).

The caps in the top photo are LDSA keycaps with homebrew legends done via the transfer paper & heating element method.


The keyboard can be built in different variants. Either a wired build with trackpoint support or a wireless build without trackpoint but with an additional power switch and an optional Sharp Memory LCD (low power).

According to the designer, the soldering of the FPC connector (0.5mm pitch) but also the trackpoint modules require good soldering skills.


  • 36-42 keys (outer column can be broken off).
  • Choc-spaced.
  • Partially hot swap sockets supported (except for two switches around the trackpoint module).
  • Integrated trackpoint reset circuit and the option to mount a trackpoint to the bottom of the PCB (between the two inner columns).
  • I2C interface for an OLED display.
  • Wireless ready (however, without trackpoint support): Battery switch / connector & option to use a battery friendly Sharp memory display instead of an OLED display.


Published on Wed 2nd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #101 (source).

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