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TTC Wild switch review

TTC Wild linear switches reviewed by ThereminGoat.
Published September 5, 2021

First founded as either ‘Huizhou Zhengrui Electronics Co.’, ‘Tranteck Electronics co.’, or some combination of these entities, TTC first made an appearance as a brand of switches, digital encoders, and connectors all the way back in 1998. While they didn’t necessarily produce keyboard switches for the large majority of their earlier history, much like with most other switch manufacturers, they are believed to have stepped into the MX-style switch design for keyboards shortly after Cherry’s MX patent expiration around 2014.

TTC Wild switches were released in two distinct waves of groupbuys – one for China and one as an ‘international’ sale released to the US, Canada, Asia, OCE, and EU regions.

Both GBs were purported to sell the 42g and 55g variants of the TTC Wild switches with the international sale running from March 12th to 26th of 2021 with switches shipping in late August of the same year.

The switches were priced around $0.65 per switch in various pack sizes depending on the vendor or $0.70 per switch in batches of 110 which included a special, thematic packaging to go with them.

The two different weights came in different color variations: the 42g switches featured creamy tops and green stems whereas the 55g switches featured similarly colored green tops with creamy stems.

The colors were chosen to match the GMK Wild keycap set, designed and ran by Matrix Lab (early May of 2020). This wilderness inspired keycap set by Matrix Lab designer TD Lemon 1900 was aimed to be a complementary of GMK Camping but with a much darker tone to it.

Read ThereminGoat's full article here.

Published on Sun 5th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).

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