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u/Strayer released his first keyboard – the Taira. A split low-profile wireless keyboard inspired by the Ergodash and Corne Chocolate.
Published February 6, 2022
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The Taira is a wireless low-profile split mechanical keyboard with 66 keys inspired by the ErgoDash and Corne Chocolate. It runs ZMK on two nice!nanos, is fully wireless via Bluetooth and uses Kailh Choc V1 switches in a 18x19mm grid layout.

I used an ErgoDash with MX switches for over a year multiple hours each day. Even though I love typing on it, it always felt too bulky and the wires really started to annoy me - especially when moving between workplaces. At some point I discovered ZMK and started plans on building a keyboard based on the ErgoDash, but as low-profile as I could manage – Strayer.

After investigating which other low-profile keyboards exist in the community, the author found the Corne Chocolate. His Taira keyboard is heavily based upon the footprints of the Corne Chocolate, but is laid out in a layout very similar to the original ErgoDash.

GitHub repo with build guide:

To be able to use the nice!nanos face up, Strayer spent some time modifying the Pro Micro footprint of the Corne. This way the components are on top, along with the two useful LEDs (power/reset and charging indicator).

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Published on Sun 6th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #64 (source).



Protieusz made Batarang, a bat-shaped unibody split keyboard with trackpad and ISO enter.

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Evgenii Vilkov's Smol is a split prototype with a cool sandwich case.

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