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Temper – a wireless-only split keyboard by raeedcho, based on the Chocofi.
Published September 7, 2023
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The temper is a split, wireless-only mechanical keyboard by Raeed Chowdhury (aka Chowderdude/raeedcho), derived from the chocofi.

First foray into ergonomic mechanical keyboards! After evaluating all the available options, I decided to tweak the design of the chocofi to make it more friendly for wireless setup – Raeed.

It started as a simple modification of the original chocofi PCBs to include battery pads and power switches for wireless use, but in the end, the author thought there were enough changes to warrant giving it a separate designation. However, this design remains compatible with chocofi cases and plates.


  • 36-key split keyboard (3 rows x 5 columns + 3 thumb keys per half)
  • low profile, Kailh Choc spacing
  • Sweep-like column stagger (with pinky columns 2 mm lower, like chocofi) with Corne-like thumb cluster
  • Reversible PCB (can be used for both halves)
  • hotswap sockets
  • Intended to be used with nice!nano
  • Uses 7-pin SPDT power switch and includes pads for battery on keyboard shield PCB
  • Support for nice!view (not tested)
  • Compatible with chocofi cases and plates


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Published on Thu 7th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #202309 (source).


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