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Tenalice Ambidextrous

The Ambidextrous by Cerbekos is a new member of the Tenalice family, with a 45° numpad in the center of the board.
Published November 28, 2021
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Somehow, Japanese keyboard enthusiasts are way overrepresented among my Twitter followers so I'm quite exposed to all the cool stuff happening there.

My only problem is, I have a hard time to figure out if what I see is a new and original design or simply a photo of something being around for a while.

Regardless, the Tenalice Ambidextrous showed up in too many posts recently to raise my attention.

The Ambidextrous is the latest revision of Cerbekos' Tenalice (tenkey + Alice) Alice style monoblock keyboards with a number pad between the angled halves.

While the numpad angle of the previous version indicated it was designed with right-handed users in mind, the tenkey part of the Ambidextrous is positioned perfectly symmetrically in the center, in 45°, so you can reach it with the same effort regardless of your dominant hand.

As far as I can tell, the project is only partially open-source: the plate and stacked case files are public, but I couldn't find the PCB files. Kits are available on Booth.

Much more info and insight into the design process in Cerbekos' blog posts.

E.g. here is a comprehensive build log:

And another great build log by @mikumo:

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Published on Sun 28th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #54 (source).


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