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Tenting solution

A tenting method with all the necessary links by mkarikom.
Published January 3, 2021

Published on Sun 3rd Jan 2021. Featured in KBD #7 (source).

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A low profile socketing method

An easy method for low profile socketing with standard 24 pin wide socket. Posted by atlantesque.


Switch PCB footprints

These switch PCB footprints by Tweetydabirdie are not new but came up in this week's comments.

Unicode in QMK

Dealing with Unicode in QMK revealed by mikefettis.

Keycap vacuum coating

Drygol's first attempt to keycap vacuum coating failed, but the idea is not bad (blog) - article posted by LASERman71.

Custom wrist supporting pads

Custom wrist supporting pads by michalkelemen made of kitchen cutting boards. With gallery and write-up.