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Tenting solution using magnets

OBOSOB came up with a detachable tenting solution, using magnets.
Published July 25, 2021
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Magnetic phone holders attached to some acrylic I had lying around – OBOSOB.

Magnetic phone holders used as adjustable tenting mounts for keyboards as an alternative to splitkb's tenting puck.

The advantage being you can slap the metal plate on the bottom of a keyboard with or without a case and it doesn't add height when detached, even if you're going caseless.

Would work on the bottom of any case too and should equally not add additional height when taken off the tenting setup. You need to stick the mounts to something, you could even mount them straight to the desk if you don't mind it being static.

More pics: Magnetic stand used:

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Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).


Removable tenting for Corne

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Adjustable tenting stand for Iris

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The Platform

ZSA announced a new tenting system: the Platform.

Pocket tripod in action

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Adjustable tenting

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