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Testamatta #011

Nakamura Hideki announced the testamatta #011, a nice low-pro unibody angled split keyboard.
Published September 20, 2023
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Nakamura Hideki (aka hide-key) from Yokohama shared his latest project: the monoblock split testamatta #011 with exposed diodes and a XIAO controller.

After smaller projects like the Christmas ornament keypad and Lion head macropad, as well as the ortholinear Testamatta keyboard #010 with the cool homemade keycaps, the #011 is a more ergonomic unibody – low-profile Choc switches with MX spacing.


  • 46 keys (6x4-ish per half)
  • low-pro Choc switches
  • exposed SMD diodes
  • Seeed XIAO controller



While not open-source, you can find the Gerbers in the repo:

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Published on Wed 20th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #136 (source).



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