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The Twelvekey macropad

A nice open-source 3D printed macropad by _vastrox_ with PCB and case files.

Published on October 1, 2021 by

Github repo:

Surface finish by the textured bed:

I swapped out the entire print bed on my Anycubic for a magnetic one with a PEI spring steel sheet. Works way better than the original "Ultrabase" thing. The DasFilament stuff is really good. It's the only filament that I use now. Never had any adhesion issues with it so far – _vastrox_.

Published on Fri 1st Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #46 (source).


Knob Goblin

Knob Goblin: a 5x4 macropad with encoders, OLED and gallery by Chew-Magna.

3D-printed macropad

A Pico-based macropad by dr2mod with case STLs.


Giant macropad

A wooden macropad for NovelKeys Big Switches with pen tray. Committed by AuthenticDanger.


Marconi16-rev1, a macropad by to1ne with open source PCB.


Analog macropad and encoder

Some news from riskable: a handwired analog macropad and analog encoder.