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The rISOtho

The rISOtho is an ortholinear-ISO mashup by _eLRIC.

As I did not found some ortho layouts that suited me, I decided to design my own. Thus, the rISOtho was born [..] – _eLRIC

The author wanted to stay close to the standard ISO layout, but minimize the number of rows and columns which led to no dedicated F-keys (only through layers).

Currently, the keyboard runs KMK on a Pico.

Git repo with Gerbers:

Published on Sun 15th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).


Railroad keyboard

The Railroad keyboard, DiplomacyPunIn10Did's first design, is now open source.


FoldKB split ortho using standard keyset

The FoldKB by friglesnart and bakingpy is a split ortho using standard keyset.


Paper & putty keyboard

This keyboard by e3w2 is made of construction paper and putty, and features a self-designed PCB (photos, sound test).