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Thumbs Up MCU options

Some new variations of the Thumbs Up! by u/ak66666. Low profile and multiple MCU options.
Published January 6, 2023

Previous iterations of Sasha Karmanov's Thumbs UP! supported MX/Choc/ALPS switches. The latest V2 versions support only Kailh Choc with hotswap sockets or soldering options.

They got spacing compressed, so the gap between the caps is smaller – ak66666.

The author made three different versions this time: one with an on-board Atmega chip, another with on-board RP2040, and one more for Pro Micro compatible boards.


The latter was also created with Nice!Nano in mind, to get a wireless keyboard, in which case there's a power switch on the middle layer to disconnect the battery.


As I can see, the documentation hasn't been updated, but there are some files on github:

Published on Fri 6th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #110 (source).

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