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Tilted Choc stem

u/Gurtmail published a 3D-printed tilted stem for Choc keycaps.
Published May 7, 2022
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This is a tilted adapter for Choc-compatible keycaps, a remix of rsheldiii's Kailh Keycap Rotator.

There are two files available so far:

  • choc_tilted will tilt the keycap vertically.
  • choc_tilted_rotated will tilt and also rotate the keycap 90 degrees.

Pic: Tilted Choc stem

Tilted Choc stem

This is technically a remix of a model that I found on thingiverse that rotated the keycap 90°. I thought the print worked well so I did some experimenting with the tilt of the stem instead of the rotation – Gurtmail.


More photos:

Gurtmail printed his stems with a regular 0.4 nozzle. It might be easier to finetune the fit even more with a smaller nozzle but he thinks it works quite well.

It's FDM with esuns PLA+. That is definitely something you need to be careful with. I did not have any problems with the printed stems getting stuck in the switches but the holes for the keycap stems are pretty tight. If you don't take them off carefully there is risk of breaking the stems on the keycap (first hand experience). I think it's pretty safe as long as you're careful though.
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Published on Sat 7th May 2022. Featured in KBD #77 (source).


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