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Timothy is a tented split keyboard with lowered thumb cluster – designed by geek-rabb1t.
Published November 18, 2022

Timothy is a split keyboard designed and sold by @geek-rabb1t.

The author works as a programmer developing business applications. Since he's using a keyboard all day long, designing his own keyboard to be able to work comfortably made sense.

The model's main features are the case with a slight (4°) tilt and the lowered thumb cluster.

I used to use a split keyboard that I assembled myself. I liked it, but there were two things that bothered me. One is that my thumbs get tired when I use it for a long time. The other is the shape, which has a strong handmade feel. I wanted to solve these problems, so I started designing my own – geek-rabb1t.

As a result of his efforts to make the thumb cluster more natural, a quite unique design with a low thumb position was born.


By the way, the name comes from the timothy grass that rabbits eat.

As timothy is essential for rabbits, I hope that this keyboard will be essential for users – geek-rabb1t.

Unfortunately, the keyboard is not open source at the moment, you can buy it on

As geek-rabb1t told me, he's planning to release it as open source in the future to make it available to as many people as possible.

Published on Fri 18th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #103 (source).

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