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Tiny2040 controller

Tiny 2040 is another RP2040-based development board, this time by Pimoroni.
Published March 7, 2022

After the initial success of Raspberry's RP2040 microcontroller and their Pi Pico board, it was pretty clear that new versions will follow.

The Tiny2040 by Pimoroni has been around for some time but was brought to my attention only recently by Muraoka Taro's post.

It is really small, even smaller than the RP2040-Zero, and is marketed as "a postage stamp sized RP2040 development board".

Not to be confused with the RP2040 Stamp – which is probably named after a much larger stamp ;) –, the Tiny2040 with its 18x21.5mm footprint almost fits into a 1U space in your keyboard matrix.

Otherwise, it's pretty similar to the other competitors: USB-C connector, 2 or 8MB flash, even castellated, and the usual parameters of the RP2040.

Despite sporting only 12 IO pins, it seems to be perfect for splits, macropads or even smaller boards between 30-40% layouts.

Pricewise, it really depends on your location due to differences in shipping fees, customs, VAT, etc.

All in all, one more promising devboard for keyboard projects using CircuitPython and KMK.

Published on Mon 7th Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #68 (source).

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