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Toast keyboard

Toast keyboard is an open-source split design by u/vpz for those with index fingers shorter than ring.
Published May 1, 2022
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Fellow redditor u/vpz published his Toast, an ergo split for people with shorter index fingers.

According to my readings, those are mostly men, but the relation of the index/ring finger lengths (2D:4D ratio) depends on the balance of different hormones during a specific stage of pregnancy.

The ratio of two digits in particular –- the palmar 2nd (index finger) and 4th (ring finger) – is supposedly affected by fetal exposure to hormones, in particular to testosterone, and other androgens; this 2D:4D ratio could therefore be considered a crude measure for prenatal androgen exposure, with lower 2D:4D ratios pointing to higher prenatal androgen exposure (source).

However, 2D:4D ratios vary greatly between different ethnic groups and this variation is far larger than the differences between sexes.

In the end, vpz designed a keyboard for Berbers, Uygurs, and Jamaicans. :)


  • Aggressive column stagger
  • Very aggressive index finger stagger for people with index fingers shorter than ring
  • 5 degree splay angle on pinky and ring columns for natural outer finger angle
  • No splay on index finger column since the board is for shorter index fingers
  • 11 degree angle on middle column from board edge for neutral wrist angle
  • Home thumb key centered on inner index row and second thumb key on toward-the-palm motion

Additionally, the boxy design and mounting holes provide stability and give options for accessories like cases, tenting, etc.

The build above includes Elite-C controllers for USB-C connectivity, gChoc 25g switches, and MBK profile key caps.


The project is open-source:

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Published on Sun 1st May 2022. Featured in KBD #76 (source).


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