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Top switches of November, 2023

Milktooth's Kevin helps us to capture the zeitgeist and identify November's most popular switches for mechanical keyboards.
Published December 6, 2023
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In this series, Kevin gives us an insight into your favorite switches based on his try-at-home switch service at Milktooth.

Thanks to the unique business model (after testing a sample of keyswitches you can buy what you like the most) it is possible to reduce or eliminate impulse buying and separate hype from conscious switch choice based on real experiences of customers.

The list below, a summary of November's numbers, is compiled based on these educated purchases. (For the October switch list check out this post.)

Best selling switches

1Gateron Baby Kangaroostactile-
2Everglide Aqua Kingslinear-
3Gateron Quinntactile-
4Wuque Studio WS Morandilinear1
5Gazzew U4Tstactile1
6TTC Silent Bluish Whitetactile1
7Wuque Studio WS Jadelinearnew
8Gateron Milky Yellow Prolinear2
9Gazzew U4tactilenew
10KTT Kang Whitelinear1

Brief analysis

In recent months, we've seen a surge in the demand for silent switches. These switches are designed to minimize the sound produced during typing, making them ideal for office settings or any environment where reducing noise is a priority. The mechanics of these switches (typically) involve dampening materials that absorb the sound typically produced by the actuation and bottoming out of keys. However, there are also options like the WS Silent Linears, which use cutouts instead of your standard dampening pads. They feel more rigid but sound a little bit louder.

Pic: Cutout for silencing

Cutout for silencing

This trend suggests that as more people transition back to in-office work, there's an increased awareness and consideration for the noise generated by mechanical keyboards. It's a shift that emphasizes the importance of a quieter typing experience in professional settings.

Here’s my round up on my top 5 silent switches of 2023:

Switches to pay attention to

Amidst the variety of switches available, one newcomer stands out this month: the WS Jades. Despite being a recent entry into the market, they have rapidly climbed the ranks to become one of the top 10 best-selling switches in November.


Unique Features of WS Jades:

  • Metallic Inserts: The WS Jades boast an innovative design featuring metallic inserts in both the stem and the bottom of the housing. This design choice is not just for aesthetics; it contributes to a unique sound profile.
  • Sound Signature: The metallic components in the WS Jades result in a distinct, metallic, and crisp sound signature. This sets them apart from the more common clicky or thocky sounds of other switches.
  • Smooth Typing Experience: Beyond their sound, the WS Jades are noted for their super creamy feel, a quality highly sought after by enthusiasts and typists alike.


Video of them here if you want to learn more as well as hear a sound test:

Amusing customer interaction

If any readers are familiar with this language, let me know if I made any grammatical mistakes.



  • Obviously, you can check out and buy these switches, along with many more models, at Milktooth.

Switch purchase poll

In addition to Kevin's numbers I also reached out to all the newsletter subscribers for your experiences, asking about your latest switch purchases in November.

Many thanks to all of you who took the time and answered some quick questions. I leave the poll live for another couple of days. I managed to arrange some neat prizes for three lucky respondents – we have an aluminum keycap set offered by Keygem, 70x PK Sora linear switches from paramountkeeb, and one of those cool P10 switch pullers by Kemove. Raffle later, keep an eye on your input box and spam folder.

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Published on Wed 6th Dec 2023. Featured in KBD #146.


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