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Top switches of September, 2023

Milktooth's Kevin helps us to capture the zeitgeist and identify the most popular switches for mechanical keyboards.
Published October 5, 2023
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Disclaimer: If you've been following Milktooth, this California-based try-at-home service for switches being around for more than a year now (mostly but not exclusively for US folks), you know that its unique business model makes it possible to separate hype from conscious switch choice based on real experiences of customers.

Namely, in Milktooth's try-at-home packs you get a keyswitch sample of your choice (customers can select 10 different switches) and after testing them for five days at home you can buy what you like the most. So the role of impulse buying and hype is reduced or eliminated. The list below, a summary of last month's numbers, is compiled based on these educated purchases:

Best selling switches

1Gateron Baby Kangaroostactile-
2Everglide Aqua Kingslinear-
3Gazzew U4Tstactile-
4Gateron Quinntactile-
5TTC Silent Bluish Whitetactile-
6Aflion Shadow (Ink) Double Springtactile-
7Gateron Ink Black V2linear-
8Wuque Studio WS Morandilinear-
9KTT Kang Whitelinear-
10Gateron Milky Yellow Prolinear-

Brief analysis

Let's pass the mic to Kevin who was kind enough to share his thoughts and reveal some underlying patterns:

With 4 in the top 10, Gateron is still the most popular switch manufacturer. Name recognition likely pushes people to try and buy Gateron switches over other manufacturers.


However, Everglide, TTC, Aflion, and Wuque Studio make up 4 of the top 10 themselves, showing that smaller brands/manufacturers are well-liked too.

Equal number of linears and tactiles in the top 10. Preference between the two is approximately equal. Moreover, it’s not infrequent for people to buy one set of linears and one set of tactiles; preference between one or the other is not necessarily an either/or thing.

Emerging switches

Some switches that a lot of people enjoy trying and then committing to a full set of.


  • Haimu Viola Tricolor. Potential reasons: novelty of Haimu, a relatively under-the-radar switch manufacturer; good sound signature; we’re able to offer it at a very good price ($3.09 as opposed to MSRP of $6.60)
  • Gateron Beer. Potential reasons: bright and clacky sound signature; rare combination of big tactile bump but simultaneously also very lightweight to press
  • Gazzew Bobagums. Potential reasons: RGB-friendly; unique matte texture; muted sound signature becoming more popular.

Switches to pay attention to

Finally, here are some new switches to pay attention to:


  • TTC Venus and TTC Neptune: these two feel really like a hot knife going through a stick of butter. Venus if you like it a little heavier; Neptune if you like it a little lighter. But both are really light, all things considered.
  • Sarokeys BCP: factory made version of the classic Frankenswitch known as the “Black Cherry Pie”. Deep pitched and resonant and have this unique feeling of being simultaneously both taut and bouncy.
  • HC Studio Roselle: unique material blend of Y3 stem and full POM housing makes for a frictionless typing experience with just a hint of texture.

Amusing customer interaction



  • Obviously, you can check out and buy these switches, along with many more models, at Milktooth.
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Published on Thu 5th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #138.


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Top switches of October, 2023

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