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Towards better typing apps

Nonsense, a typing app by lifow generates random texts according to real word frequencies (source).

Source code:

Featured in KBD #24 (source).


Remap - customize your keyboard from a browser

The Remap is a VIA client clone to customize key mapping, LEDs and other features from a browser without installing any apps and building and flashing a firmware (git, source). Posted by yoichiro6642.


Rune controller

The Rune is a modular controller by Ziptyze (pics).

Handheld Sci. BT-500 review

A review of the Handheld Sci. BT-500 by desantisbr. This tool with a sick terminal interface makes any keyboard wireless and programmable.

Keyboard sound simulator

This tool by tplai is a rough keyboard sound simulator (source).