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Trackball Reviung41

Idank's low-pro Reviung41 with trackball is open-source and also available at Holykeebs.
Published March 3, 2023
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Idank keeps equipping well-known and popular layouts with Pimoroni trackballs. After the trackball Corne here is the trackball Reviung41.

More trackball fun, this time a "split non-split". I've been faithful to my Cornes for years, but this is starting to grow on me, especially when traveling since it's so easy to carry – idankk.

The Reviung41 keyboard has a 41-key layout featuring 6x3 halves with 5 additional thumb keys. Idank's design is a low profile variation with a Pimoroni trackball.


  • 41x choc switches
  • integrated Pimoroni trackball
  • USB C Pro Micro

Original design by gtips, low profile variation by cyril279.


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Published on Fri 3rd Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #115 (source).



Sadek Baroudi's Arachnophobe is a 30-key choc/mx monoblock split using any Seeed XIAO controller.


The RART45 is a unibody angled split by Alabahuy with Atmel328p and exposed through-hole components.


The unibody Ch55p34 by Alex Miller uses the CH552T MCU, and it runs on FAK firmware.

First Hummingbird of the season

A wireless Hummingbird by u/filibustercrankcase sporting a Seeeduino Xiao BLE controller.


Tamago324 published his nowt36, a classy angled monoblock split.

Kinesis Essential rebuild with Bluetooth

This Kinesis Essential has been turned into wireless by sczizzo. Lot's of useful info in the thread.