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Behind the scenes #169

Keyboard projects, quick news, in the mailbox, meetups, new vendors and discount codes!

Travaulta & Twist35

Twist35 is a nice case by Technofrikus for the Vault35's Travaulta Topre PCB.

Ergohaven Planeta V2 review

This is a review of the Planeta V2 which is an updated version of Ergohaven's cool monoblock split – now with display, indicator LEDs and an improved case.


Aroum has a compact stick mouse: anu – with switches and analog stick.

Ground Control 40

A low-profile ortho board with exposed pins for prototyping: Ground Control 40 by Nick Coughlin.

Fat Cruiser v1

Marcus Östling made a low-pro monoblock split: Fat Cruiser.


Helvellyn is a 35-key ortholinear keyboard with a 6.25u space bar. Designed by Stewtheking.


Chad Bailey's CB70 is a row-staggered, wireless 65%-ish split keyboard.

3D Corne

Finnitio shared his 3D Corne, a 3D-printed split with keywell.

WeirdFlexButOk - MX

Penk Chen released the MX version of his unibody ergo WeirdFlexButOk with kerf bending cuts for tenting.


Keiler is a diodeless 36-key design by jonathanforking, based off of the LambBT.

Behind the scenes #168

Keyboard projects, quick news, in the mailbox, meetups, new vendors and discount codes!

Re-gret keyboard

The Re-gret is a 34-key remix of the Egret keyboard – both unibody splits designed by Ryan Schenk.


Jerome Olivier designed a nice unibody split: Jack32 – with splay and only one thumb key.


Dane Lipscombe shared his Harite, a split input device with 5-way switches and trackpads.

Lexicon keyboard

Lexicon is a 65% "writing keyboard" designed by Ewen Cluney – with a layer full of whole words.

Form Zero

Tien Pham's Form Zero is a gasket mounted hotswap ortholinear keyboard.

National Keyboard Meetup Day 2024

There's National Keyboard Meetup Day again, this year on July 27th. With lots of meetups and live streams.


A new unibody split designed by dohn-joh: Alias – with lever keycaps.


Designed by fooker, mnhTTn is a 36-key column-staggered split keyboard using Cherry MX ULP switches.


An open-source split by Przemysław Paciorek and Damian Pryszcz: Moon60.

Behind the scenes #167

Keyboard projects, quick news, in the mailbox, meetups, new vendors and discount codes!

Keymap wizardry: Typing out the Harry Potter saga

In this case study I type out the Harry Potter books to demonstrate the power of alternative layouts and keymap customization.

Pocket Keyboard Design Contest

Chris Lo is hosting a pocket keyboard design contest. Submission deadline: Sept 10.


Cosimini designed and shared the Cambkb, a split keyboard with RJ-9 connectors and exposed diode array.


Sneftel shared the SOWGull, a split version of his original Gull keyboard.


Zac Morhous' Allium58CAD has a custom magnetic case snapping to a SpaceMouse.

Akko MU01 Mountain Seclusion review

In this review I write about yet another Akko masterpiece: the MU01 Mountain Seclusion, a 65% wireless keyboard in a gorgeous walnut case.

WeirdFlexButOk keyboard

Penk Chen's unibody ergo WeirdFlexButOk PCB has kerf bending cuts for tenting.


Ally Parker's Corneroll is another Corne variant, this time: wireless, choc, hotswap – with roller encoders.