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TrashTruck is a keyboard based on the GarbageTruck with exploded arrows. Shared by Skribbles4420.
Published May 19, 2023

Based on trashman's GarbageTruck, Skribbles aka Skycode22 shared his TrashTruck, a 58-key keyboard with exploded arrow cluster, encoder, and aluminum case. The original layout was inspired by the Cherry 1800, just in a 40%-ish format.

This is a keyboard that is based entirely on the “GarbageTruck” keyboard. I used the layout provided on the wiki and have the file publicly repoed on GitHub for the pcb and case, etc. Enjoy!!! – Skribbles4420.


Published on Fri 19th May 2023. Featured in KBD #123 (source).

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Clueboard 2x1800 Toy edition

Clueboard 2x1800 Toy edition with Buger TH01 posted by Gracelberrypie.

Dolch luggable

A Dolch luggable posted by bakedbeens11.

1800-ish wooden ortho

An 1800-style ortho board by u/MetaWhirledPeas, hand made from a solid piece of poplar from Home Depot.


A nice Skidata keyboard with a layout combining 1800 and ortho – acquired by u/iyeetdog.

Custom 1800

A custom CNC milled 1800 by B_Rich with video documentation (+pics).

Costar CSK-7101N

u/lBlanc99 revived and restored a dead Costar CSK-7101N keyboard.