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Tarneo shared a small and portable sub-10x10 cm ergo split called Triboard.
Published November 15, 2023
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I mentioned the Monkeyboard or Supersplit, Tarneo's (Tarneaux) first keyboard design with an intimidatingly large number of keys, in a previous editorial. One conclusion of that project was: You don’t need that many keys. His second attempt is called Triboard – with 48% less switches. ;)

Generated with Ergogen and then routed by hand, the Triboard is a low-profile split keyboard with Seeed XIAO controllers. Its main feature is being super small and therefore portable:

Is tiny, less than 10x10 cm for each half, making it easy to carry in a point-and-shoot camera carrying bag – Tarneo.

On the wireless version, one thumb key needs to be removed on each half to fit the battery (therefore it is only 34 keys).


  • 34-36 keys (5x3+2/3)
  • hotswap low-pro Choc
  • Seeed XIAO controllers



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Published on Wed 15th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #144 (source).


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