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Triple shot keycaps

Making triple shot keycaps at home. A proof-of-concept video by keymacs.
Published June 18, 2022

After his handmade doubleshots and stepped caps, keymacs aka lispnick posted a carefully crafted video on the process of making triple shot keycaps.

This is, of course, a proof-of-concept video. For real manufacturing, I hope to cast and machine the keycaps in larger clusters to reduce the amount of hand work, … but it will take some more time before I get there – keymacs.

According to the designer, beside Alps stems, the next-gen keycaps will also support MX, Beamsprings, Micro Switch SW, Topre, and more.

Some specs of the manufacturing process, combining resin casting and milling, were shared by keymacs:

  • Materials by Smooth-On
  • Mold Star 16 FAST
  • Smooth-Sil 945
  • Smooth-Cast 310
  • UVO Pigments
  • Sun Devil
  • Desktop CNC by Carbide 3D: Nomad Pro

Check out the original project at

Published on Sat 18th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #83 (source).

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