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TypeSafe with joystick

Tewtham added a joystick to his vertical TypeSafe keyboard.
Published January 6, 2023
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Inspired by the crazy SafeType with mirrors, the TypeSafe has been featured on here and here. This time tewtham updated the repo with nenw STLs of a joystick version.

I’m using the joystick for modifiers atm (down for shift, left for cmd, etc. with combos on the diagonals) but it also can switch to arrows, repeating faster the further I push – tewtham.

For stability, they are weighted and have non-slip pads on the bottom.

The author commented he has been using some version of this keyboard as his daily driver (8 hr/day programming mostly) for a few years now, and for his personal use it’s getting close to perfect.

For another vertical approach see the Squeezebox by Peter Lyons.



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Published on Fri 6th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #110 (source).



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