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Typing Tempo

A typing rhythm game by charitea12: Typing Tempo.
Published March 17, 2023
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Fellow community member charitea12 announced Typing Tempo, a nice rhythm game. It's still in the making but already playable.

I've always loved the different sounds of mechanical keyboards, so I was inspired to make a little typing rhythm game that turned those clicks and clacks into catchy rhythms! – charitea12

Video demo of the features:


As Ryan reports, v1.0.0 of the game was released on April 21. Players can now try out a free demo of the game, or purchase the full version, which includes over 30 songs and 100+ levels.


The game is officially being distributed at the locations below:

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Published on Fri 17th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #116 (source).


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