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URSA keycap profile

URSA is a new keycap profile designed for Topre keyboards – a collab between 23_Andreas and FKcaps.
Published March 16, 2023
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FKcaps' Simon has announced URSA, a new keycap profile for Topre keyboards designed by 23_Andreas.

It’s been a long time coming but Topre keyboard users are finally getting what they deserve: nice keycaps! – fk-caps.

This sculpted, spherical profile is double-shot PBT injection molded with Topre stems.

You heard that right, no need to mod switches, or mount weird adapters that may ruin your keyboard experience, URSA keycaps are injected with Topre-compatible stems.

This historic project is still in pre-IC phase, but it will be the first community keycap profile made specifically for Topre keyboards. You can subscribe here to receive updates.

Pic: 3D printed URSA sample

3D printed URSA sample

Despite these caps are still being developed, Topre pundit Cipulot points out that Andreas is a passionate and dedicated member of this scene, and Simon has a proven track record of delivering unique projects (e.g. HEX keycaps).

Other than that, as Simon indicated in his 2022 advent calendar piece, Keycaps, design and free kittens, past group buys were stressful so they won't run GBs anymore. This means the URSA will be sold as in-stock item, they won't take your money until the product has reached its final form and is ready to ship the next day.


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Published on Thu 16th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #116 (source).


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