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Unibody Corne case

SirFodds created a gasket-mounted unibody case for the Corne keyboard.
Published February 1, 2024
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This little monster is a Corne case by SirFodds/MrFodds. It's not simply unibody but also features a magnetic centerpiece and an optional number row add-on.


  • Gasket or plate mounting
  • Removable magnetic center-piece to hold the two halves in place
  • DXF file for the key plate to allow CNC / laser cutting in a material of your choice (designed for 1.5mm plate thickness)
  • Optional legs to provide a 10 degree angle

The legs are required if you plan to use the center piece, as it is designed around this angle.

The extra number row is handwired, running off a separate controller.

With regards to the gaskets:

It's designed for a 1.5mm thick plate, with 1.5-2mm thick Poron gasket material (Thickness depends on how much retention you want in the gasket. Thicker will feel firmer, thinner will have more give) – SirFodds.

The files are for printing the right hand of the keyboard. To print the left half, take every file other than "centre.stl" and mirror before printing.



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Published on Thu 1st Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #153 (source).


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