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Unikey KB-7001

A Unikey KB-7001 made by PC concepts found by DarthDangles25.

Found this thrifting this past week for about 3 dollars. I don’t know a whole lot about it but, from what I can tell it’s a Unikey KB-7001 made by PC concepts. I believe it has Alps white switches as well.

Typing sounds here.

More info on Deskthority.

Published on Sat 26th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #32 (source).


Keyboard of a Soviet ICBM silo

The mechanical launch button of a Soviet ICBM silo over 100 feet below the surface. Posted by MaximumBasis9326.


IBM Selectric Model 1

IBM Selectric Model 1 typewriter with sound test. Posted by josefquevedo.


Old terminal

An old terminal found in a power station by jacksonh22.


1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard

1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard with 30 F-keys. Renovated (lubed mx blacks, dampened, retrobrite) by bubr123.