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ADreamOfStorms made uninarf, a wireless unibody keyboard.
Published May 3, 2023
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After his split Narfkb, Sebastian Stumpf aka ADreamOfStorms shared a wireless monoblock iteration: uninarf.

So after I released the files for my narfkb split keyboard I realized that it would be really nice if I had a compact unibody bluetooth keyboard with similar features that I could simply plug in whenever I mess up my firmware (which happened regularly enough…) – ADreamOfStorms.

This time the author wanted a bit more aggressive columnar stagger and splay at 5 and 10 degrees for his ring fingers and pinkies.

Opting for a XIAO BLE controller, Sebastian had to incorporate a shift register to handle all the rows and columns.


  • 5x3+3 monoblock layout with splay
  • 36x low-profile hotwap Choc
  • 6x 6mm tactile switches
  • Seeed XIAO BLE
  • 74HC595 SO-16 shift register (74HC 595D NXP)
  • keycap tilter


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Published on Wed 3rd May 2023. Featured in KBD #121 (source).


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