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VU.A is a fully wireless split with row staggering designed by EagleVee.
Published November 29, 2023
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Nguyễn Ngọc Anh Vũ aka EagleVee shared the Gerbers of his VU.A, a fully wireless keyboard through dongle via bluetooth 5.0 and powered by nRFMicro 52840 – inspired by Vincent Nguyen's Aloidia project.

I've been loving the split and alice keyboards, but they often have a critical flaw (at least for me): they use a 2.25u spacebar on the left side, and I want a longer spacebar on the left so my thumb can be comfortable both when I'm gaming and typing – EagleVee.

When the author came across the Aloidia keyboard, he was immediately hooked. After taking the schematic of Vincent and with the help of Deemen17, he made a slightly simpler version, without the solar panel but still fully wireless.

The dongle case holds a single switch to help it enter bootloader faster:



  • 78-80 keys, MX, soldered
  • nRFMicro 52840
  • multiple bottom row options
  • ZMK


Gerber and case files in the repo:

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Published on Wed 29th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #145 (source).



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