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Victor Vicky V9000

A beautiful luggable Victor Vicky V9000 found by yesman_85's parents.
Published December 19, 2021
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I have a penchant for these early luggable computers (along with monoblock splits ofc). ;)

My parents found their first luggable Victor Vicky V9000 – yesman_85.

Victor started out as a manufacturer of adding machines, and I can't resist to quote this fun story:

Victor Adding Machine Co. was a fledgling company in 1918 when the operator of a successful chain of meat markets gave a Victor salesman $100 for what he thought would buy an adding machine. Instead, he got 10 shares of the company's stock. In an effort to protect his investment, that man – Carl Buehler – became a director of Victor in September 1918 and was elected president of the company three months later. The first Victor adding machine, Model 110, was introduced in 1919 (source).

And here is the story of the Sirius-Victor partnership, mostly about the Victor 9000 / Sirius 1 (not much info about the Vicky).

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Published on Sun 19th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #57 (source).


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