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Protieusz has a new handwired 40% unibody split: the Vimana features a Meshi trackball module by Aki27. PCB to be tested.
Published April 24, 2023
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Protieusz has a brand new handwired keeb design: Vimana is a 40% monoblock split featuring a Meshi trackball module by Aki27 and an OLED display, driven by an Elite-C controller.

Initially I wanted an all in one keyboard with trackball ability that is lower profile than Cerbekos's Ambi GL Rev 2. So I decided to design and handwire a prototype – Protieusz.

In the repo there's also a PCB version along with the switch plate and bottom plate but due to budget reasons they have not been printed nor tested yet.

The initial layout was ortho and through numerous morphing in Fusion 360, it became an alien spaceship like shape and Protieusz decided to name it Vimana after the mythological flying palaces described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics.


  • 5x3 unibody anled layout
  • handwired / untested PCB
  • Elite-C controller
  • 35mm Meshi trackball module
  • OLED

Everything works, the trackball movements are very smooth thanks to Aki27's qmk source code, and there are no lags whatsoever. The scroll lock works wonders – Protieusz.


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Published on Mon 24th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #121.


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