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Wizergo by 70rch – A handwired ergo split keyboard with keywell, encoders and GX16 aviator connectors between the halves.
Published March 10, 2023
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After his monoblock Torch0, terryorchard aka 70rch published a true split: the 36-key Wizergo is a handwired, 3D-printed board with keywell and some extras:

My third hand-wired keyboard design and build: split ergonomic 36-key + two encoder layout with GX16 4-pin aviator connector between halves – terryorchard.


  • 36 MX keys (5x3+3 layout)
  • Elite-Pi controller (RP2040)
  • handwired, 16 Gauge copper wire
  • GX16 4-pin aviator connectors
  • EC11 encoders




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Published on Fri 10th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #115 (source).


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