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Wooden, handwired

Wooden, handwired by ketcha_.

More pics:

(Check the cute wooden holder for the controller!)

Published on Fri 23rd Apr 2021. Featured in KBD #23 (source).


Low profile barobord

The low profile version of sadekbaroudi's barobord was added to the repo.


Barobord PCB

The barobord repo keeps growing: PCB for MX and Choc switches, cases, etc. - by sadekbaroudi.


Unikey KB-7001

A Unikey KB-7001 made by PC concepts found by DarthDangles25.


Kinesis Essential rebuild with Bluetooth

This Kinesis Essential has been turned into wireless by sczizzo. Lot's of useful info in the thread.

Sesame by kb-elmo

A Sesame designed by _vastrox_/elmo and built by kmrnewworkplace.