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The cute 34-key Wubbo is an open-source wireless split keyboard by u/cacheworks.
Published May 4, 2022

Michael's open-source Wubbo, this cute little board from the Netherlands, sports: 34 keys (just two thumb keys per half), on-board controller, slight splay for the ring fingers and pinkies, and the top pinky keys are moved to the 6th column.

Moving my pinky to the side instead of upwards feels more natural and limits the movement and rotation of my hands on the board. This 'pinky cluster' is inspired by boards like Balbuzard and Osprettecacheworks.

Btw, the board is wireless running ZMK.

There is currently a 110mAh battery in there ("which lasts quite a while with ZMK") but the middle layer can be printed thicker to accommodate other batteries.

The latest revision also gets rid of the battery wires you see by placing pads in the battery cutout area.


One reason for the cuteness of Wubbo is the playful illustrations, and all credits for the hand-drawn silk art go to Perce at

GitHub repo with v1:

However, Michael has a second revision PCB coming that eliminates the long battery wire and adds status LEDs that shine through the PCB à la Morningstar – although his implementation will be simpler with two single color LEDs.

Published on Wed 4th May 2022. Featured in KBD #77 (source).

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