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Ximi V1

Ximi V1 is here after last year's slightly different prototype. Sadek Baroudi put a lot of features in this 36/42 split keyboard.
Published April 23, 2023
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Ximi, Sadek Baroudi's ( feature-rich split keyboard, may be familiar for you. First introduced last year, the recently announced Ximi V1 ended up as a slightly different product compared to what was featured e.g. in KBD96 as the Ximi prototype/beta.


  • 36-42 keys (last columns can be broken off)
  • Integrated RP2040 controllers (as opposed to Xiao daughterboards of the prototype)
  • 16 MB external flash storage
  • Per-key led support (SK6812 mini-e)
  • MX or choc hotswap (supports both, but not concurrently)
  • 3-position thumb switch below thumb cluster (left, right, push)
  • Rotary encoder under each palm (EC11)
  • Audio buzzer (pre-soldered on the PCB)
  • Haptic feedback support
  • Supports a 34mm trackball, 25mm trackball or a cirque trackpad
  • Trackball requires a trackball sensor breakout board. Sadek has his own breakout board, but also tested with the Charybdis sensor PCB
  • Full duplex TRRS
  • Break out pins for all remaining available GPIO (GP4, GP5, GP6), USB-C pins (in case your port breaks, you can fix it!), SPI/I2C/LED pins (allowing you to add your own led features, like led rings or led strips for underglow)


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Published on Sun 23rd Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #120 (source).


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