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Ximi prototype

Ximi is a split keyboard prototype with dual trackball/trackpad support – by Sadek Baroudi.
Published September 23, 2022
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This is a prototype! The Ximi V1 fixed some issues and ended up as a quite different keyboard (e.g. on-board controllers).

Ximi is another project by Sadek Baroudi / Fingerpunch, this time a split keyboard with dual trackball/trackpad support, and Xiao RP2040 controller boards (don't forget the Seeed keyboard competition).


  • Xiao RP2040
  • Haptic feedback
  • Audio buzzer
  • 42 or 36 key (outer columns can be broken off)
  • Dual cirque support
  • Dual trackball support
  • Per key RGB support
  • Hotswap MX and Choc
  • 3-way thumb wheel (below thumb cluster)

As of my understanding, the 3-way "thumb wheel" is rather a 3-way switch (this one).

You can flick the switch left, right, or you can press it. Each of those actions act and are defined just like a regular keyswitch in QMK – sadekbaroudi.

The firmware still needs some finishing touches, but the case files have been already published:

I'm working on an issue in the firmware, so by the time I get everything sorted and publish proper, I'd guess a couple of weeks to a month – sadekbaroudi.

Cases available in the fingerpunch Git repo:

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Published on Fri 23rd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #96 (source).



Joe Scotto is back with a very low profile handwired unibody split: ScottoWings.

The btrfly

The btrfly by SolidusHal is a Dactyl Manuform fork with joint halves and without the keywells (git, pics).


Robert Walker's Eskarp is a handwired split keyboard with TPS65 touchpad.


The 3w6 by weteor is a low-profile split keyboard with 36 keys.

Modular keyboard

Modular keyboard by koktoh_kuro - parts attached by USB sockets (description in Japanese).

Corne thumb trackball

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